The Western Conference of Teamsters Supplemental Benefit Plan was set up as of April 1, 1982 in order to provide an additional benefit to eligible retirees from the freight industry and certain other retirees who receive a monthly pension benefit from the Western Conference of Teamsters Pension Plan (the “Primary Plan”).

Benefits under the Supplemental Plan are paid for by the contributions of participating Employers based on hours earned by present employees. See "Who Pays?" for details.

To be eligible to receive benefits from the Supplemental Plan you must meet certain eligibility requirements. You are not eligible for Supplemental Plan benefits just because you get a pension from the Primary Plan. See "Who is Eligible?" for details.

Once you receive your first benefit from the Supplemental Plan, you are vested in that benefit for life. See "Vesting" for details.

You will receive a benefit which may increase each year you are retired (up to 18 years) provided your last Employer continues to contribute to the Supplemental Plan. If you retired before your last Employer began contributing to the Supplemental Plan, you may receive an additional benefit which remains level for life. See "Benefits" for details. 

For more details about the plan see "Plan Summary".




                                                WESTERN CONFERENCE OF TEAMSTERS SUPPLEMENTAL BENEFIT PLAN              


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